London Web Hosting Services

Are you looking for a suitable platform to host your website? If so, we have just the web hosting services that will perfect your web dreams. With hundreds of appreciation every day, we were able to launch our London Web design and hosting services by establishing a datacentre in London, UK. Our goal is to provide affordable web hosting services in London along with 100% protection, excellent Cloudflare Content Delivery Network, LiteSpeed and much more.


Why Choose Us?


  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • UK Based Servers
  • Dedicated Support 24 Hours a Day
  • Optimized Web Hosting in London
  • Cloudflare and LiteSpeed Web Servers
  • User-Friendly cPanel Hosting Features
  • 10x Faster Best Web Hosting Service


How much will a web hosting cost in London, UK?


Best-Choice Personal Premium Corporate
Disk Space: 2GB SSD Disk Space: 25 GB SSD Disk Space: 40 GB SSD Disk Space: 150 GB SSD
Bandwidth: Unlimited Bandwidth: Unlimited Bandwidth: Unlimited Bandwidth: Unlimited
Websites: Up to 1 Websites: Up to 10 Websites: Up to 50 Websites: Up to 100
DDoS Protection: (All Layers) DDoS Protection: (All Layers) DDoS Protection: (All Layers) DDoS Protection: (All Layers)
Backup: Daily Backup: Daily Backup: Daily Backup: Daily
Include: Softaculous Include: Softaculous Include: Softaculous Include: Softaculous
Free Domain: N/A Free Domain: N/A Free Domain: Yes Free Domain: Yes
Price Price Price Price


No Cancellation Charges

Did you know that you can cancel any plans with us at any time (obviously before website deployment) and get a 100% refund. That’s right, you will decide how well you want us to treat you.


Fast London Hosting

We have reliable and speedy enterprise hardware that we utilize to provide uninterrupted web hosting services 24/7. We also offer free website migration along with prompt configuration assistance.


DDoS Protection for Web Hosting

Worried about cyber-attacks? Don’t worry, our impenetrable security mechanism will protect your website from layer 3,4 and 7 attacks. Now, run your business smoothly and let us take care of your website.


Easy-to-Use Management Panel

With cPanel for configuration, you can add, install, configure desired features into your website with hassle-free procedures. For any queries, know that we are available 24 hours a day at your service for help.


London Web Hosting Services – FAQs


How can I get a .com domain?

You can get a .com domain for your website by simply registering a domain name with us. We provide a variety of domains.


Do I need a .com domain?

It depends upon the type of your business. For instance, if your business is about a church, a club, non-commercial entity or a non-profit organization, then you may want to register the .org domain. If your business is specific for a country, then you may want to get a .us .uk (or whatever your country is) domain name. The .com domain is the most common domain name used by businesses, news channels and related.


How to host a website?

Steps to Host a Website:


  • Step 1: Select the type of website you want. Static Html/Php or WordPress.
  • Step 2: Select the web hosting server best suitable for your website.
  • Step 3: Select the web hosting plan for smooth operations.
  • Step 4: Configure the DNS address and features into your website.
  • Step 5: Upload Website files via FileZilla, cPanel or any other related application.


Do I need to have a company to own a website?

No, anyone who has interests in putting worth beneficial online can have a website. From business, NGO, education to tourism, and databases, you must select the appropriate domain of interest and then host a website.


Are there hidden charges in web hosting?

With Value Hosted, absolutely not. However, there are numerous web hosting company in London and around the world who even charge for tiny-bitsy assistance.