Cheap Windows SSD VPS Hosting

Acquired with KVM Virtualization Software, our SSD Windows VPS Hosting packages are the next-big-thing in the technology. Whether you need Self-Managed Windows KVM virtual server or Fully Managed Windows KVM Virtual server, we have the best SSD Windows VPS solutions. If you’re looking for a secure, fast and user-friendly, then our affordable Windows SSD VPS Hosting is it.

The reasons why customers admire our adaptive Windows SSD VPS Hosting servers is that it's fast and have fewer constraints that lead to physical damage. Run as many windows applications remotely as necessary and we can assure you zero downtime.

Our prosperous Windows SSD VPS Hosting also consists of Windows SSD VPS Hosting, Clone Windows 10 to SSD VPS Hosting UK, SSD Windows Trim Support, SSD Windows 10 VPS, and easily move Windows 10 to SSD.

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Windows SSD vs HDD

The benefits of SSD over HDD are access time (35-100 microseconds), reliability, less power consumption, no noise, small size, less heat and no magnetism. However, the Linux SSD price is slightly higher than Linux HDD, but these features worth it.


  • Memory : 8192MB
  • Disk Space : 50 GB Storage
  • Bandwidth : 8000 GB Bandwidth
  • CPU : 4 Cores
  • Setup Time : Instant Setup!
  • Location : London/UK
$17.99 Monthly


  • Memory : 16384MB
  • Disk Space : 70 GB Storage
  • Bandwidth : 8000 GB Bandwidth
  • CPU : 6 Cores
  • Setup Time : Instant Setup!
  • Location : London/UK
$31.99 Monthly


  • Memory : 32768MB
  • Disk Space : 90 GB Storage
  • Bandwidth : 8000 GB Bandwidth
  • CPU : 8 Cores
  • Setup Time : Instant Setup!
  • Location : London/UK
$58.99 Monthly

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Great Features Included With All Plans


SSD DDoS Protection

We provide excellent security against cyber intrusions, viruses and malicious attacks (3,4 and 7-layer attacks). Our goal is to establish a secure Windows SSD VPS server hosting that can be utilised to lead business applications on websites.


Migrate Windows 10 to SSD

Our easy-to-manage SSD VPS for Windows 10 enables users to configure applications as they like. Whether it’s the OS installation that you’re worried about or updates, you can perform tasks as fast as a blink of an eye.


KVM & SSD Windows VPS

We have made the integration of Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) with SSD Windows VPS that enables smooth Windows 10 SSD optimization. Smooth operations, reliable network and fast execution are all customer can ask for.


Windows SSD VPS Server

Our prompt & responsive support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We are amongst the top SSD Windows VPS Providers in the United Kingdom with 100% customer-satisfaction rate.