Law Enforcement

This document shall stand legal and serve purposes of data requests sent to the Value Hosted (Pvt.) Ltd.

What is a Data Request?

Data Requests are legal policies or solicitations that consist of client/customer’s account information that is further used for legal proceedings such as criminal or felonious investigations.  

The Value Hosted (Pvt.) Ltd. has introduced protocols that thoroughly elaborate about sending and receiving the data.

In order to proceed for data request policy, the provided information may contain the following:

  1. Full Name of the Client(s) [If Applicable]
  2. Correct Domain Name(s) of the Client(s) [If Applicable]
  3. Correct Email Address of the Client(s) [Optional]
  4. IP Address(s) linked to the domain name/service [If Applicable]

The Value Hosted (Pvt.) Ltd. holds absolute privileges to call for a copy of the information, if necessary. The company shall stand legal to not to dispense data or information to any party unless otherwise stated.

Our Contact Information

Individuals wishing to send data requests can utilise the following contact details of the Value Hosted (Pvt.) Ltd:


The Value Hosted (Pvt.) Ltd.

ATTN: Legal Department

Office # 4, 1st Floor, United Center, Shamsabad، Murree Road

Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000, Pakistan


+92 342 5297377


Once sent, it may take 2-3 business days to respond with the required data request response.

What are the types of Data Requests?

There are Six (6) Data Request Categories that are very common:

1. Search Warrant Ordered by the Court

Data Requests sent or required by the court to proceed with criminal investigations

2. Subpoenas

A type of request where the organization or a person is presented before the court to either testify or face punishment

3. Legal Proceedings Ordered by the Court

A type of request where the court orders an organization or individual to undergo legal procedures

4. Emergency Data Requests

A type of request that is issued or required during critical times such as incidents, accidents, death, injury, severe sickness or related. Value Hosted will only entertain emergency data requests of death and injury only

5. Preservation or Protection Requests

The following information must be enclosed, dispatched, sent along with preservation data requests:

  • A letterhead of the investigating agency with clear & correct credentials, purpose and authentic sign.
  • Authentic phone number and email address to respond to
  • Authentic client account credentials for identification
  • Proof, evidence or lawful statement describing the legal consent to receive information from Value Hosted

Type of Dispensed Data

Following are the categories of dispensed data that Value Hosted shall provide, once the aforementioned steps are confirmed:

  • Content Value Hosted will only release/provide/dispense client’s data or information under legal procedures and proper jurisdiction
  • Non-Content – Following is the information or data that Value Hosted will dispense:
    • Client’s Full Name
    • Client’s Registered Email Address
    • Client’s Account & Billing Details
    • IP Logs
    • Client’s Tenure with Value Hosted (time & date of registration)

Client Consent

We take data protection regulations very seriously and protect user’s data at all cost. However, in such cases, we will always notify our client about it unless the court or legal procedure forbids us to do so.

Data Requests Payments

The Value Hosted (Pvt.) Ltd. has allocated a reasonable fee to cater to data requests for mere time consumption or difficulty we may encounter while providing the information. For more details, please contact our 24/7 support.