Web Hosting Service Level Agreement (SLA) 

This agreement shall serve as the standard document of elucidation for the standard level of service that all our customers/users can expect from The Value Hosted (Pvt.) Ltd and The Value Hosted LLC.

We are a customer-oriented web hosting company that primarily offers unrivalled web hosting services worldwide. We proudly offer a 99.99% uptime, guaranteed per month. Your website’s security means everything to us which is why we provide SLA for websites so that you could work with peace in mind.

Our SLA consists of two stages:

  • Network Connectivity – Provided by the Value Hosted, it is the connectivity that establishes a safe network route from our end to the Transit providers.
  • Power – It is the power condition that is required for the servers placed in our highly secure data centres.

Here’s how the SLA from the Value Hosted will work:



> = 99.9%


< 99.8%


< 99.5%


< 99.0%


< 98.0%


< 95%



SLA Terms and Conditions

What is included in the SLA?

The Value Hosted SLA is applicable to and for registered companies only. Therefore, private companies must authenticate prior to requesting our SLA services. This SLA T&C applies to all our direct clients who are affiliated with us.

Also, the Value Hosted shall not be held responsible if there occurs a downtime caused by the reseller of its services. The SLA credits are non-transferable entities that will be added in the future billing cycles for utilization.

The SLA credits shall not be available for customers/users that are or not have been in good standing with the Value Hosted during a 12-month period. Therefore, maintain a prosperous, good relationship for the security of your business.

Customers/User who violate the TOS will not be eligible to avail SLA credits. However, you can forward a request to our Customer Service Representative for an exception or mishandling in the scenario. All the requests/claims should be made within the seven (7) days of the network downtime.

The SLA credits process can take up to two business (2) weeks or less to authorize and be posted to the customer’s account. The claimant must be in authorized affiliation with the Value Hosted as the all the rest of the claims shall be refused.

SLA credits are a perk-feature of the service that should and will be utilised not stacked. Also, the SLA credits are applicable to scenarios such as operating system reloads, server hardware & reconfiguration, failure & glitches other than the network, bandwidth carrier outages, system failures caused by cyber intrusion or attacks and scheduled maintenance of the network & systems.

The SLA credits should also be not used in case of natural disasters, war, weather, or any other event that does not comes under the umbrella of the Value Hosted services. In this manner, the Value Hosted holds absolute privileges to approve, discard, deny, revoke, accept requests and claims at any time with or without providing valid justification.

What is not included in the SLA?

While we’re working day & night to take your business to the next level of prosperity, we expect from customers/users to understand where SLA will not be of use. These factors are:

  • External Network Issus occurred outside the domain of our autonomous system
  • Scheduled or Emergency Maintenance by the Value Hosted
  • Server or OS undergoing failures or issues due to exploits or viruses
  • Hardware Failures such as Power Supply, Ram, or HDD/SDD
  • Natural Disasters such as earthquakes, flood, civil disturbance and more (covered by ‘force majeure’)
  • DDoS (Denial of Service Attacks) that causes network failures, inaccessibility or significant packet loss. Please, be aware that basic filtering is made as a mandatory network policy for all the dedicated servers.
  • Service Suspension as a result of the violation, non-compliant behaviour, breach, violation of AUP and non-payment

In all the scenarios, the Value Hosted will provide resolution as prompt & fast as needed to avoid any technical difficulty for our clients. We may or may not even ponder over problems outside our remit because your satisfaction & security of your business is more important to us.


The SLA is subject to change or revision without notice.