Uptime Service Level Agreement

At, we take your website seriously. That’s why we guarantee a 99.9% monthly uptime, which you’ll discover throughout this Service Level Agreement (SLA). Terms and conditions apply; see below for more details. Our 99.9% Update SLA consists of two stages: Network Connectivity: This is the connectivity from ValueHosted’s network up to our Transit providers. Power: This refers to what powers the servers in our highly secure data centres.

>= 99.9% 0%
< 99.8% 5%
< 99.5% 7.5%
< 99.0% 10%
< 98.0% 20%
< 95.0% 25%

SLA Terms and Conditions

ValueHosted’s SLA is only valid for registered companies. Private customers must request adherence to SLA upon ordering of ValueHosted’s services. This SLA extends to direct clients only. is not liable for downtime caused by a reseller of its services. All credits will be applied to future billing cycles, and are non-transferrable in any way. Customer accounts that are not in good standing, or have not been in good standing within a 12-month period prior to the outage are not eligible for SLA credits. Customers who are in violation of TOS are not eligible for SLA credits. Customers must make a request with ValueHosted’s customer service department. All claims must be made within seven (7) days of the network downtime. SLA credits can take up to two business weeks to authorize and be posted to the customer’s account. These credits can only be claimed by the authorized customer; all other claims will be denied. SLA credits cannot be stacked. This SLA does not cover operating system reloads, the hardware of the server, any form of hardware reconfiguration, any failure outside of the network itself (including bandwidth carrier outages), failures caused by attacks toward customer service, and scheduled maintenance of ValueHosted’s network. Additionally, uncontrollable events, including but not limited to weather, natural disasters, war, and other events outside of the control of are not eligible for SLA credits.

In every case, we reserve the right to make a final decision on any particular SLA claim and subsequent credit.

What is not covered by the SLA

Your service might adversely be affected by factors outside of our control. These include but not limited to:

  • External network issues outside of our autonomous system
  • Scheduled maintenance where reasonable notice has been provided
  • Emergency maintenance
  • Server or operating system compromises such as viruses and exploits
  • Hardware failures such as ram, power supply, or HDD/SSD
  • Floods, earthquakes, civil disturbance etc. usually covered under ‘force majeure’
  • Denial of Service attacks which renders any part of our network inaccessible or cause significant packet loss. Please note that basic filtering is included as a general network policy for all dedicated Servers.
  • Service suspension for reasons such as non-payment or a breach of our Acceptable Usage Policy

In all cases, ValueHosted will work to resolve issues as fast as is reasonably possible to avoid disruption to service. Even with problems outside of our remit, we are always here to lend a helping hand.


The SLA is subject to change or revision without notice.