What is online backup?

Online backup (Remove Backup Service) is a storage method where the data is backed up regularly on a remote server. Online data backup also refers to a file or folder that protects and recovers the data for users.

What is the difference between Online backup and Cloud backup?

Both are pretty much the same. In cloud storage, the data or your hard drive is supplemented. In Online backup, your data is replicated. Online Backup and Cloud storage store data on a remote server through devices connected to the internet.

What are the platforms supported for online backup?

1.Mobile – IOS, Android
2.Virtual – Microsoft Hyper-V, Linux KVM
3.Cloud – Azure, Office 365
4.Endpoints – Windows PC, Mac
5.Applications – SQL Server, SharePoint, Oracle Database
6.Physical – Windows Server, Linux, PC, Mac

Where the data will be stored?

The data will be stored in a location selected by the ISP. With Value Hosted, your data will be safely stored in data centres in the US and UK, Amazon Cloud Drive (S3), or Google Drive.

What is the difference between Online backup and Cloud backup?

In online backup (cloud backup), data is stored regularly on the remote server through a network connection. Whereas in regular backups, the data is backed up during downtime which means that the users cannot use the database when it’s backing up the data. Online backup is fast, reliable and efficient than normal regular backup.

How does online backup works?

1.Utilizes cloud-based backup plans
2.Once acquired, the server will create a backup file of your data every day
3.Recover files, folders, or data by using the backup file on the server