Acceptable Use Policy

This document shall serve as Acceptable Use Policy as legal enlightenment reflecting upon the services, products offered by The Value Hosted (Pvt.) Ltd and The Value Hosted LLC. Amid the reasons for such elaboration is mere understanding and prohibition of behaviour that should not accompany users while indulged with the company. In this manner, unacceptable risks to the integrity, quality of services or stability of products will be in absolute contrary to Value Hosted’s policies, rules, regulations and terms & conditions.

Lawful purposes include:

  • Copyright – Users mustn’t furnish or utilise content on/to/from Value Hosted for threats, copyright infringement or other related objects.
  • Compliance – Users are solely responsible for the content, files, statements, remarks, feedback that may be furnished to us in regard to our services. Said objects, if found, non-compliant shall not be entertained whatsoever.
  • Utilization – Users mustn’t operate our services for means of damage that primarily include: 1) pornography/sexual/explicit content, images and advertising; 2) offensive content on respective moral grounds; 3) Anything that is banned, illegal and contrary to digital values.

Furthermore, customers/users acknowledge that the provided services may undergo interruption or maintenance downtime when necessary. Therefore, Value Hosted shall not be held responsible and liable for issues arising during the aforesaid time. Such damages, if occurred, shall be beyond the exclusive and direct control of the company.

Also, Value Hosted shall not be liable to compensate, refund or reimburse the payable amount to equivalent the consequential damage, injury, or loss. Users agree that the company shall not hike service charges to overcome its own negligence damage.

Rules of Conduct

Use of our services shall be, and applicable, in accordance with the national, international laws, legal rules & regulations and provisional/state regions. Furthermore, users/customers/companies are requested to abstain from engaging in the following conducts:

  1. Threatening security of the company and others by misuse of information.
  2. Violating intellectual property rights and absolute privileges.
  3. Violating privacy, legal, lawful, or personal rights of the company and others.
  4. Promoting / Usage of objects of profanity, pornography, illegal web tools & techniques, promotion of firearms, explosives, ammunition, and dangerous substances.
  5. Content / Products / Material of racism, sexual, violence, hatred, abuse, threat, brutality, cruelty, injustice, terrorism, misleading, drugs, vandalism, hacking, defamation, suicidal and political will be dealt with consult to higher authorities.
  6. Content / Products / Material related armed forces. Intelligence agencies, trade secrets, health & safety risks and fraudulent activities shall be treated with stern legal action.
  7. Sending Bulk emails of spam/promotion/ marketing to others from users is strictly prohibited.
  8. The unauthorized announcement, product, explicit, forceful and sending of unsolicited emails/messages is strictly prohibited.

Your Rights: GDPR & DMCA

Users/Subscribers/Customers hold the absolute privilege of the data provided to the Value Hosted. Likewise, The Value Hosted shall refer to absolute privilege to protect provided data. All our services, products comply DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Rules).

However, in the light of copyright infringement, please be aware of providing:

  • A signed electronic or physical copy shall be corresponded by the authorized person to our designated agent in the copyright matter.
  • Prior notification is mandatory before approaching legality in order to abstain from official hearings.
  • Time-period shall be provided to the company to remove copyright content/images if found true.

False accusations or misrepresentation of facts concerning copyright infringement shall be dealt legally and are liable if the company undergo damages or loss as a result of blockage, removal and legal costs (court, attorney fees).