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  • Free Domain with Annual Billing Cycle
  • Dedicated Hosting support 24/7
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ASP.NET Budget

$1.99 Monthly
  • Disk Space : 1000 MB
  • Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • Control Panel : Plesk®
  • Email Accounts : 3
  • Domain : 1
  • MSSQL Database : 2
  • Uptime : 99.99%
  • DDoS Protection : Yes
  • Free Domain : No
  • Free SSL : Yes, Let us Encrypt


$2.99 Monthly
  • Disk Space : 2000 MB
  • Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • Control Panel : Plesk®
  • Email Accounts : 10
  • Domain : 1
  • MSSQL Database : 5
  • Uptime : 99.99%
  • DDoS Protection : Yes
  • Free Domain : Yes
  • Free SSL : Yes, Let us Encrypt

ASP.NET Advanced

$6.25 Monthly
  • Disk Space : 5000 MB
  • Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • Control Panel : Plesk®
  • Email Accounts : 40
  • Domain : 5
  • MSSQL Database : 10
  • Uptime : 99.99%
  • DDoS Protection : Yes
  • Free Domain : Yes
  • Free SSL : Yes, Let us Encrypt

ASP.NET Ultimate

$10.42 Monthly
  • Disk Space : 10000 MB
  • Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • Control Panel : Plesk®
  • Email Accounts : 100
  • Domain : 10
  • MSSQL Database : 100
  • Uptime : 99.99%
  • DDoS Protection : Yes
  • Free Domain : Yes
  • Free SSL : Yes, Let us Encrypt

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ASP. Net Hosting

Once you’re on board, you will have absolute privileges over WP login credentials with several ways to keep it safe. How’s that for a change? Core

Need higher performance for your website, we recommend Core that is backed by Windows .NET Framework and Cross-Platform .Net Core. MVC Tutorial

Build websites with Model, View and Controller (MVC) features that display web applications according to Core MVC layers. Web Forms

Fond of dynamic websites? With ASP.Net web forms you can integrate your web pages with the event-driven model, easy data accessibility and controls flexibility.

Built-in Windows Hosting ASP.Net Support 24/7

Get dedicated technical assistance for ASP.Net 24 hours a day

100% Protection

DDoS Protection for 3, 4 -layer attacks

Perfect Optimization

Incomparable, Speedy web page loading and Performance

Explore the Internet

Numerous ASP.Net tutorials and templates to start with

ASP.Net Web Apps

Build responsive web apps with C#, JavaScript, HTML and CSS

ASP. Net Core MVC, ASP.NET Razor Pages, Windows ASP.Net Hosting

You name it, we have it!

Online Backup & Recovery

Worried about your data? We offer daily, weekly, monthly online backup & recovery

Email Marketing

Launch email campaigns and let everyone know how awesome your website is

SSL Certificates

Secure your ASP.Net web pages by acquiring SSL encryption with lifetime benefits

Content Management

Write, upload and optimize – Create blogs, landing pages to share ASP.Net know-how

FAQs – ASP.NET Hosting

What is ASP.Net?
Created by Microsoft, ASP.Net is an excellent programming language, a web development tool and open-source web framework introduced for building dynamic, responsive web apps, web forms (aspx). ASP stands for Active Server Pages.

What Platforms does ASP.Net support?

ASP.NET is a remarkable cross-platform web framework that runs perfectly on Windows, Linux, and macOS. ASP.NET also supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, MVC.

What is ASP.Net Core MVC?

ASP.Net Core MVC is used immensely to build full-stack web applications. The MVC (Model View Controller) logic patterns make the web page layers more responsive, optimized and flexible.

What is ASP.Net web forms?

ASP.NET WebForms is a web application framework that allows users to build dynamic websites by simply using the event-driven model and drag-n-drop menu.

What is ASP.Net page life cycle?

The page life cycle of ASP.Net web pages is a process that every web page undergo while running. During this page life cycle (process), ASP.Net performs several integration events. ASP.Net Page Life Cycle events are:

  1. Page Object Created
  2. Page_Prelnit Event
  3. Page_Init Event
  4. Page_InitComplete Event
  5. Page_PreLoad Event
  6. Page_Load Event
  7. Page_LoadComplete Event
  8. Page_PreRender Event
  9. Page_SaveStateComplete Event
  10. Page_Render Method
  11. Unload Event

What panel does Value Hosted ASP.Net hosting provides?

We provide industry leading Plesk Onyx panel with all our ASP.Net Packages. Please visit to read more and find documentation.

What ASP.Net Core versions does Value Hosted currently supports?
We currently support ASP.Net Core 2.x, 3.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x. For more information and exact versions, please contact us at

What software does Value Hosted ASP.Net packages has?
We currently provide Git and WordPress installer with all our packages. If you need any specific software, please contact us at

What is the database size limit with each package?
Database space is shared with your overall package space. There’s no hard limit set on database size.

Is free SSL available with Value Hosted ASP.Net Plans?
Yes, we have Free SSL available with all our plans using Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate, which comes with Domain Validity(DV) option. Premium SSL are also available, which comes with Organization Validation(OV) and Extended Validation(EV) options.