Accepted Payment Methods

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EIN# 85-4050275

One of the best e-commerce payment mediums today that enable users to send and receive payments beyond borders.

Fast & secure procedure

Automatic subscription billing

One-click refunds

BitPay is the best crypto app to pay with crypto and accept crypto payments.

User-friendly UI

Multiple Wallets and Crypto Supported

A classy online payment infrastructure that has been helping individuals and businesses to send and receive payments.

Integrated payment products

Easy-to-use APIs

Best for business transactions



It’s a foremost Internet payment system that makes online transactions quite simple and easy at reasonable exchange rates.

Competitive financial service

Safe & secure payment procedures

No-delay daily transactions


A unique online settlement system that is just perfect for online payments and transactions with a loan and top-up options.

Fundraising features

Personal & Business integration

One-click payment steps


Looking for a method to make payment in seconds? EasyPaisa has got to be it. Fast, secure, app-friendly, and with no hidden costs.

QR payment options

Innovate App for ease

Best & the free way to send and save money


A friendly way to send and receive money today. Just create an account, add the recipient’s details and click to send. It’s that simple.

Rewarding Payment method

Hassle-free digital wallet

One-click bank transfer option


Forget about installing any payment apps and make payment to us for services rendered by transferring directly into our PK bank account.

Cheques are welcome

Online Cash transfer sounds even better

Prompt Bank transfer